Quick Facts


  • Ozone is the most powerful oxidant you can legally use.
  • Ozone is the only disinfectant guaranteed to kill all bacteria, virus and fungus.
  • Ozone is 3000 time stronger than Bleach
  • Ozone is all natural
  • Ozone will get in every nook and crack in your house (not just what you wipe down).
  • Ozone leaves no residue and it is safe for all material.
  • Ozone is safe around food
  • Ozone is use by all new community pools to kill germs.
  • Ozone is use by all bottled water companies to kill the germs in the water before it can be bottled and shipped.
  • All Produce must be ozinated before in can be rereleased to the public.
  • Ozone gets deep into fabric to kill everything not just what is on top.
  • Ozone will kill all odors (smoke, urine, skunk, pet)