logo-uvu“I was interested giving the generators a try because we have had issues with various bacterial breakouts every year. We have put soap disinfectants in the showers and used the best mat disinfectants when we mop daily but still have had trouable getting these breakouts under control. ┬áSince using FlyingWO3, we have had great success in limiting our bacterial breakouts. I am completely sold on FlyingWO3 and will continue to use it while I am the the coach here. It is the most effective product I have used in the 48 years I have been involved with the sport.”

Greg Williams
Wrestling Head Coach
Utah Valley University

logo-raftriver“We were having trouble with bacteria in our wrestling rooms and odor in our locker rooms and were actively looking for a solution. We have now been placing FlyingWO3 units in our locker rooms and weight rooms weekly and have noticed a difference since we started. Our custodians recommend it and would tell you it is simple to operate.”

Eric Boden
Raft River High School

logo-middletonI am currently the Assistant Principal for Middleton High School in Middleton, ID. The past three years I was their Athletic Director.

Last year, I purchased an FlyingWO3 machine. I waneed something to help my wrestling program with all the different diseases that commonly occur in wrestling. I used the machine every night in my wrestling room during the season. I had it run for two hours. I did not have one single issue with any disease the entire season. It worked so well. I had it used in all my locker rooms, equipment storage areas, the weight room and our cardio room. I have not had anyting negative occur after using this machine. I even have it used in the administrative offices once a week. I did not get sick one time last year. I believe this is a result of this machine.

I highly recommend the FlyingWO3 machine. It is an investment that pays for itself immediately. It is easy to use, and requires no maintenance. Your programs will benefit from having this machine.”

Ted Reynolds
Assistant Principle
Middleton High School