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Portable Room

The FlyingWO3 Portable Room Sterilizer temporarily transforms regular air (O2) into Ozone (O3) by adding a third Oxygen atom to the existing dioxygen molecule, thus creating a powerful bacteria killer that is 3000 times stronger than bleach, 1000 times faster than any other disinfectant on the market, and completely safe for the environment (FDA Approved).  The FlyingWO3 Portable Room Sanitizer not only destroys bacteria, but it also eliminates viruses, mold, mildew, spores, cysts, yeast, and fungus.  Additionally, Ozone (O3) also removes odors like smoke, pet odors, and body odors from the air and from deep within fabric.

Ozone Effectively Eliminates MRSA From Locker Rooms & Day Cares
MRSA (Staph) Infections hospitalize over 130,000 people every year with more than 5000 of those cases resulting in death.  One of the most common places that MRSA is contracted is in locker rooms.  This ESPN – Outside The Lines report describes in detail the severity of MRSA virus and how it has affected athletes at every level, from high school to the pros, from football to basketball.
Video: What is MRSA/Staph? →


Here is a quick tutorial on how to setup your portable room sterilizer…

Bacterias Killed by Ozone:
Aspergillus Niger (Black Mold)
Bacillus Bacteria
Bacillus Anthracis ( Causes Anthrax)
Bacillus Cereus
Bacillus Cereus ( Spores)
Bacillus Subtilis
Bacteriophage f2
Botrytis Cinerea
C. Difficile
Candida Bacteria
Clavibacter Michiganense
Clostridium Bacteria
Clostridium Botulinum
Coxsackie Virus A9
Coxsackie Virus B5
Diphtheria Pathogen
Eberth Bacillus ( Typhus)
Echo Virus 29
Enteric Virus
Escherichia Coli Bacteria ( from Feces)
Encephalomyocarditis Virus
Endamoebic Cysts Bacteria
Enterovirus Virus
Fusarium Oxysporum ( Lycopersici)
Fusarium Oxysporum ( Melonogea)
Hepatitis A Virus
Herpes Virus
Influenza Virus
Klebs- Loffler Bacillus
Legionella Pneumophila
Luminescent Basidiomycetes
Mucor Piriformis
Mycobacterium Avium
Mycobacterium Foruitum
Penicillium Bacteria
Phytophthora Parasiti
Poliomyelitis Virus
Poliovirus Type 1
Proteus Bacteria
Pseudomonas Bacteria
Rhabdovirus Virus
Salmonella Bacteria
Salmonella Typhimurium
Schistosoma Bacteria
Staph Epidermidis
Stomatitis Virus
Streptococcus Bacteria
Tetanus Virus
Verticillium Dahliae
Vesicular Virus
Virbrio Cholera Bacteria
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